Zucchini Fritters and Ranch

Snacks are my favorite dinner. Honestly the smaller the bite, the more I want to eat it, it's almost compulsive. My husband basically hates anything green, but being vegans, green is good, green is your friend. Sometimes feeding him is like feeding a small child, gotta sneak in the veggies. He's not actually like a… Continue reading Zucchini Fritters and Ranch


Vegan Camembert 

A friend of mine shared this video recipe for a vegan camembert. Vegan cheese has been one of those things, I keep meaning to try to make and never get around to. She also tried it, and raved about how incredible it was. Obviously I decided to give it a go, and I am so happy… Continue reading Vegan Camembert¬†


Today was a great day. We don't get them often, but F and I had a lovely date day. Because of our current living situation, we are literally smack dab in the woods. This being the case, means going out for a meal, or doing... anything... is almost impossible. It has to be a conscious… Continue reading 24.4.2017