Yesterday was my birthday, 28 I have arrived. For whatever reason, this birthday was really hard for me, I actually burst into tears. Jokingly I referred to it as my obligatory birthday weep. I’m not even old, but I think I pictured my life being very different this year than it was last year and it’s just not. Regardless, I was being dramatic and I’m fine. I don’t particularly like birthdays [for myself] as it is, and so this year I’m just being a big ol’ birthday baby.

I really missed my friends this year too, and being away from them was incredibly difficult. I think because I was just with all of them on my work-cation, feeling their love and presence, it made it harder to be away from them on my birthday, than it had any other year. Honestly once I cried it out and had that “I’m so old” heart to heart with my husband, I felt so much better. I kept it all in because I didn’t want to admit I was upset, which only led to me crying. A totally preventable situation, that I completely fell into. 

July 4th I went on a big ten mile birthday hike to a lake. I was told it was gonna be easier than it was, but honestly, after I was done with it I’m grateful it wasn’t. There was like 2 miles of incline hiking, and my calves are still feeling it two days later. 

On our hike back to the car we ran into some teenagers who were wearing flip flops, and carrying bags with snacks and towels, also headed to the lake. My fat ass was sweating bullets after almost 4 hours of hiking like, “good luck kids, I’m not sure you understand what you’ve signed up for”.


My best friend got a Fitbit, and so we are doing the work week hustle challenge. Thanks to that insane hike, as of yesterday I was crushing him. But honestly with it being my birthday yesterday and my calves being on FIRE, I barely did anything. He will likely end up beating me!

The husband I have started a high protein, low carb, meal prepped diet. My husband is only doing it to be supportive, which is incredible and so much appreciated. I have a hard time sticking to diet because I want to feed him what he wants, and I also like to eat those foods. Problem is, if I even smell a carb or a junk food, I can feel my weight piling on. So his support has been monumental. So far I’ve already lose 5 pounds, but I’m not gonna weigh myself but once a week, I’m trying to not obsess which is totally my usual crutch. So fingers crossed moving forward it’s gonna be so much healither for me.



I have been feeling so great if I’m being honest. I got back on the running wagon, and I am doing way better. My darling husband got me a bunch of new workout clothes, which was such a super low-key supportive move on his part. Plus we went to Dick’s Sporting and there was like some kind huge sale and I got basically two full head to toe workout outfits, all name brand, for about 90 bucks. Talk about a steal amirite? I need new running shoes, but that can wait another month I think. I have been sticking pretty religiously to my FitBit, although I set my goal a lot lower than it used to be, because I am trying to avoid hurting myself again. (Wanna be my FitBit friend?So far, so good, and I am starting to feel more positive about the entire experience.

My husband and I went off for our first hike of the season to try to find mushrooms. Unfortunately for us, the weather has been too hot for even the poisonous suckers to be around, however the hike was still amazing. We were definitely one of the first people to use the trail head by our house, which made me so nervous. I know it’s totally paranoia, but before too many people scent up the trail, I forever worried a bear or mountain lion is gonna pay us a visit.

I want to meet the person who warranted this sign.

My dad got pretty worried about us foraging and eating mushrooms, so he made my mom buy us a field guide and get a guide of the “do’s and don’ts” of mushroom gathering. Which the second book was a little unnecessary, but the piece of mind I’m sure that provides them is worth while. I guess someone local collected a bunch of bad mushrooms and died a week or so ago of liver failure, which sprung the concern. So to be completely fair I see their point, but I am very grateful for the field guide as I have been looking for a good one.

We actually went to a Mushroom Street Fair in McCloud, about a week ago, and it was so disappointing. I  was all ready to buy a bunch of field stuff, and instead all I did was eat a deep-fried Oreo and a taco. The fair itself was supposed to be about local mushroom collecting and sell related items. Instead there was a bunch of places to buy mushrooms that had been harvested indoors, and then a bunch of hippie shit. Which I wouldn’t have minded at all, if it wasn’t a fair specifically dedicated to gathering mushrooms. Like where were the foraging baskets? Where are the field guides? Literally anything that would have made sense. There was however this gem of a wizard, patriot, bench thing. Either way it was a good day out. Plus we also ended up on an accidental hike afterwards, which was short but beautiful. When I became this super nature person I will never know.



This time last year, we packed up our beautiful life in San Francisco, naively believing that we’d be moving to England (my husband’s home country) shortly after. We moved in with my parents, as a sort of temporary stopping point. Problem is a year later,we are still here. I think parts of both of us thought it would be this easy process, first world country, to first word country. Well it has not been. It’s actually be a sort of disaster, that’s lead to a real slump of both of our moods.

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