I just got back from ten days in San Francisco and the surrounding areas, working and hanging out with friends. It was an incredible trip, that I didn’t really realize how bad I needed, until it was over and I was left feeling rejuvenated. 

Basically it all started when my old boss and now friend, contacted me saying her mom flaked on her, to watch their kids while they had a work conference out of town for a few days. She wanted to know if, by some miracle I would come down to San Francisco and watch the kids for 5 overnights. Well lucky for her (and secretly for me) I love those kids, so so much, and jumped at the opportunity.

 Flash forward, I took the train overnight to San Francisco, and got paid to hang out with my favorite kids and friends. It was great. I tagged on a few extra days to go to my home town, and stay with my best friends. Which was even better, even got to meet a friend’s boyfriend, which I don’t even remember the last time I was like actually around and able to do things like that. So so great.

The kids and I basically did everything you can even imagine. We did Japan-Town, TWICE, China-Town (to buy fidget spinners, so help me if I ever see another I will just die), and Fisherman’s Wharf. Seeing as I’m kind of like this weird extended family memeber for the kids, and I totally see them like neice/nephew, I spoiled the crap out of them. I literally bought them whatever they wanted. Which I’m sure their mom secretly hates, but whatever I see them only annually now (FaceTime not included). Not gonna lie, I bought myself a bunch of stuff too. The last day I was there I was specifically trying to buy my husband these vegan Dr Martens and I was rushing to get everything done, I over paid, and didn’t eat any food. It was such a frazzled mess, but whatever.

 In terms of working out, the first day I was there I walked so much I swore my legs were gonna fall off.  I went everywhere to see as many friends as possible before I started working that night. 

So the best part of the entire trip, wasn’t even trip related. I was on the bus to San Francisco, from my home town, and my husband called me asking me if I was sitting, which obviously I was. We got approved to move to England by an immigration judge! Nothing is set in stone yet, but just hearing that we CAN go, I burst into happy tears. I was that guy on the bus just hysterically bawling. There was the sweetest man, who spoke very limited English trying to comfort me, as I was trying to pantomime that it was happy tears. Honestly, I wanted to kiss him for being so kind, but I was so overjoyed I just needed to be left alone, and simultaneously pinched. So looks like I’m England bound finally! Life’s pretty sweet at this point, the only way it’ll get better is when I’m snug in my own house again!



I have been feeling so great if I’m being honest. I got back on the running wagon, and I am doing way better. My darling husband got me a bunch of new workout clothes, which was such a super low-key supportive move on his part. Plus we went to Dick’s Sporting and there was like some kind huge sale and I got basically two full head to toe workout outfits, all name brand, for about 90 bucks. Talk about a steal amirite? I need new running shoes, but that can wait another month I think. I have been sticking pretty religiously to my FitBit, although I set my goal a lot lower than it used to be, because I am trying to avoid hurting myself again. (Wanna be my FitBit friend?So far, so good, and I am starting to feel more positive about the entire experience.

My husband and I went off for our first hike of the season to try to find mushrooms. Unfortunately for us, the weather has been too hot for even the poisonous suckers to be around, however the hike was still amazing. We were definitely one of the first people to use the trail head by our house, which made me so nervous. I know it’s totally paranoia, but before too many people scent up the trail, I forever worried a bear or mountain lion is gonna pay us a visit.

I want to meet the person who warranted this sign.

My dad got pretty worried about us foraging and eating mushrooms, so he made my mom buy us a field guide and get a guide of the “do’s and don’ts” of mushroom gathering. Which the second book was a little unnecessary, but the piece of mind I’m sure that provides them is worth while. I guess someone local collected a bunch of bad mushrooms and died a week or so ago of liver failure, which sprung the concern. So to be completely fair I see their point, but I am very grateful for the field guide as I have been looking for a good one.

We actually went to a Mushroom Street Fair in McCloud, about a week ago, and it was so disappointing. I  was all ready to buy a bunch of field stuff, and instead all I did was eat a deep-fried Oreo and a taco. The fair itself was supposed to be about local mushroom collecting and sell related items. Instead there was a bunch of places to buy mushrooms that had been harvested indoors, and then a bunch of hippie shit. Which I wouldn’t have minded at all, if it wasn’t a fair specifically dedicated to gathering mushrooms. Like where were the foraging baskets? Where are the field guides? Literally anything that would have made sense. There was however this gem of a wizard, patriot, bench thing. Either way it was a good day out. Plus we also ended up on an accidental hike afterwards, which was short but beautiful. When I became this super nature person I will never know.



I am weak. I lasted about a half a week before giving up on running again. I’m back on the running wagon again, actually switched back to using a FitBit too. I basically asked my husband to just make me go for a jog. I’m one of those people who rarely does things for myself. I find it’s easier to do things for other people than for myself, which arguably is probably a huge part of my depression, but I’m working on it. So if he “makes” me do it, I’m doing it for him, for us to hopefully start a family this year, etc. It’s not about me at that point, and for me it’s just easier. Which is lame, but whatever, I have a plethora of character flaws.

This of course all was kicked back into full fucking force, when the lady at the local grocer asked my husband how far along I am. Which is hurtful for more than one reason. Firstly, I’m obviously not pregnant, but in this small town, I’m like the oldest person without a child and starting a family is something I want basically more than anything as soon as we are moved.

Obviously the second reason would be because I am obese (for me), and like thanks for pointing out (unintentionally) how fucking huge I have gotten. Why can’t I be one of those people who gets depressed and just doesn’t eat. I don’t actually mean that. But being the opposite of it, has its own equally annoying battles.

Mother’s day was a total drain on my existence. Not that it was too terrible, but as per I don’t really get along with my mom and she was a total fucking pain. Nothing was good enough, she hovered the entire time I tried (with my brother) to make her a nice meal. Of course, as soon as it was all said and done, she made sure to post on Facebook how great we are. Not because she actually feels that way, but because she wanting some degree of a bragging point. Frustrating, but it’s over, until next year.

I am still very much so looking forward to going home to the bay area in the next few weeks. I have a whole planned mapped out, plus Amtrak is running again, so no Greyhound! Which is honestly music to my god dang ears. They’re about equally as long of a ride, but I can sleep on the train, use Wi-Fi, and will have full access to a powder room. Which means the 9-am arrival time, I can be fully cleaned up and ready to hang with all my pals that day!