I grew up in a household where competition was everything. If you weren't keeping up with the Jones's, why were you even bothering to do anything? This developed when I was a teen, to this cold, little shit of a human I was. In hindsight, I fucking sucked. I thought by being brutally honest 100%… Continue reading 23.4.2018



Today we brought my 86 year old Grandma into the 21st century, in buying her an iPad. Now I know this maybe seems like, no big deal. But ever since our move has been coming to an end, and I call her, our phone calls end with a very clear but heartbreaking tone in my… Continue reading 25.02.18

What I’ve Learned About Switching to Natural Deodorant

As I previously stated, my husband and I have focused on using products as natural as possible. Deodorant, for me, has always been a MUST. What can I say, I'm a sweaty gal. So I had read about deodorant "detox," which terrified me. Essentially, it's your body releasing all the stink and sweat it previously… Continue reading What I’ve Learned About Switching to Natural Deodorant

New Year’s Resolutions?

Happy 2018 everyone! I hope everyone had a great holiday and New Year's Eve! I'm not one typically for New Year Resolutions. I feel like a new year does not make a new you. Every and any day should be a solid reason for you to improve your life. However, this year we've decided to… Continue reading New Year’s Resolutions?

Happy Christmas

Is it really the holiday season, if it's not full of family drama and exhausting days? Finally about a week before Christmas things seem to have calmed down, but it's been a hellish month. My Grandma's Boyfriend ended up in the hospital for pneumonia, and apparently fibroids in his lungs do to a medication he… Continue reading Happy Christmas

I am a Facebook turncoat

I know, I know, everyone has that one friend who makes some elaborate and dramatic exit of Facebook, only to return 5 days later but say nothing about it. In a way, I'm that friend. I made the standard Facebook departure announcement, but that was for my family's sake. As it is they can all… Continue reading I am a Facebook turncoat


Yesterday was my birthday, 28 I have arrived. For whatever reason, this birthday was really hard for me, I actually burst into tears. Jokingly I referred to it as my obligatory birthday weep. I'm not even old, but I think I pictured my life being very different this year than it was last year and… Continue reading 5.7.2017