Happy Christmas

Is it really the holiday season, if it’s not full of family drama and exhausting days? Finally about a week before Christmas things seem to have calmed down, but it’s been a hellish month. Advertisements

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Yesterday was my birthday, 28 I have arrived. For whatever reason, this birthday was really hard for me, I actually burst into tears. Jokingly I referred to it as my obligatory birthday weep. I’m not even old, but I think I pictured my life being very different this year than it was last year and […]

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I am weak. I lasted about a half a week before giving up on running again. I’m back on the running wagon again, actually switched back to using a FitBit too. I basically asked my husband to just make me go for a jog. I’m one of those people who rarely does things for myself. […]

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In my effort to work on my depression, here is my weekly installment of VERY GOOD THINGS! As always the love and support I get from my husband and friends, is irreplaceable. The family I used to nanny for, for 3 years, needs me to sit their kids for 72 straight hours, home in San […]



I have a need to vent, please just scroll past this if you don’t want to hear a pile of ramblings. 

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I am going to me try to run one mile a day, for the next 30 days. I am currently on day two. Overall, I think (well I hope) this will improve my overall mood as well as my waist line.  I’m not really concerned about my weight. Admittedly I am overweight, by a lot. […]

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