I have a need to vent, please just scroll past this if you don’t want to hear a pile of ramblings.  Advertisements

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I am going to me try to run one mile a day, for the next 30 days. I am currently on day two. Overall, I think (well I hope) this will improve my overall mood as well as my waist line.  I’m not really concerned about my weight. Admittedly I am overweight, by a lot. […]

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Zucchini Fritters and Ranch

Snacks are my favorite dinner. Honestly the smaller the bite, the more I want to eat it, it’s almost compulsive. My husband basically hates anything green, but being vegans, green is good, green is your friend. Sometimes feeding him is like feeding a small child, gotta sneak in the veggies. He’s not actually like a […]

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In an effort to keep my positivity, and work on my depression, I’m trying to realign myself with the good things! I’m going to try and do a weekly list of the good things, from the previous week.  My husband and our cat babies. Despite all three of them taking all the bed always, they’re […]


Vegan Camembert 

A friend of mine shared this video recipe for a vegan camembert. Vegan cheese has been one of those things, I keep meaning to try to make and never get around to. She also tried it, and raved about how incredible it was. Obviously I decided to give it a go, and I am so happy […]

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Today was a great day. We don’t get them often, but F and I had a lovely date day. Because of our current living situation, we are literally smack dab in the woods. This being the case, means going out for a meal, or doing… anything… is almost impossible. It has to be a conscious […]

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Today, after about 5 months of dragging my feet I finally painted the gravestone of my parent’s dog. It’s not that I didn’t want to do it, I did, he was a good dog… it’s that, I’ve done all the gravestones for all the family pets and it makes it so permanent. Today was easier […]

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