Get to Know Me

I decided since I have been doing this for a few months now, maybe it’s time to write a little get to know me. I found this list of questions for bloggers/vloggers, to hopefully you can get to know me better, in a fun but transparent way. Height: 5’2″ish, I never really know. My husband is […]

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Mini nothing post. I literally cannot stop gaining weight. To the point I am getting concerned I may have a thyroid condition or something. It’s probably over thinking. But I’ve been running regularly, and eating better and yet my weight keeps climbing.  Anyway that’s all I have to post. Just frustrated and confused. 

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   I just got back from ten days in San Francisco and the surrounding areas, working and hanging out with friends. It was an incredible trip, that I didn’t really realize how bad I needed, until it was over and I was left feeling rejuvenated.  Basically it all started when my old boss and now […]

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I have been feeling so great if I’m being honest. I got back on the running wagon, and I am doing way better. My darling husband got me a bunch of new workout clothes, which was such a super low-key supportive move on his part. Plus we went to Dick’s Sporting and there was like […]

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I am weak. I lasted about a half a week before giving up on running again. I’m back on the running wagon again, actually switched back to using a FitBit too. I basically asked my husband to just make me go for a jog. I’m one of those people who rarely does things for myself. […]

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In my effort to work on my depression, here is my weekly installment of VERY GOOD THINGS! As always the love and support I get from my husband and friends, is irreplaceable. The family I used to nanny for, for 3 years, needs me to sit their kids for 72 straight hours, home in San […]



I have a need to vent, please just scroll past this if you don’t want to hear a pile of ramblings. 

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