My name is Goblin.

Ok not really, but thats what you can call me. I’m a twenty something, cat mother & wife [insert something mushy about spouses here]. I am a major vegan junk food enthusiast. I love to cook, even if my other half wishes he didn’t have to stomach it. I am completely obsessed with interior design, even if my eyes are bigger than my wallet. I love setting myself unrealistic goals, just for the fun of thinking about it. I am by no means a professional writer. I didn’t even finish college (art school drop out). If my grammar is a mess, I wouldn’t be shocked, so neither should you, but I am always open to corrections!

My life is kind of a mess, but it’s mine and I wouldn’t really change it at all. Currently we are mid moving from California to England, in the most drawn out process, my naive self was not prepared for. This blog is to be an outlet for all the major transitions at hand. But to be clear from the start, I love my life, I am so happy and grateful it’s mine. Unfortunately for all my friends and family, I’m just kind of a bumbling disaster of a person figuring it out.