In my effort to work on my depression, here is my weekly installment of VERY GOOD THINGS!

  • As always the love and support I get from my husband and friends, is irreplaceable.
  • The family I used to nanny for, for 3 years, needs me to sit their kids for 72 straight hours, home in San Francisco. I love those kids so much, and am excited to get to spend some real-time at home, that I have never been so excited to work!
  • I got new SHOES! AirMax Thea’s; I needed new shoes so bad and this was just so satisfying!
  • When I am working in the city, I should be able to see an immigration judge, which *should* propel our move forward swiftly, fingers crossed.
  • I have been continuing my running at least 5x a week, which has been super hard, but I also feel like it’s improving my mood.
  • My husband and I had a really good talk, where I just let everything off my chest, about being here, my family, and my mental health. Which was a bit of word vomit, but so cleansing, and a relief to do.

What are you grateful for this week?


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