In an effort to keep my positivity, and work on my depression, I’m trying to realign myself with the good things! I’m going to try and do a weekly list of the good things, from the previous week. 

  • My husband and our cat babies. Despite all three of them taking all the bed always, they’re the best.
  • Friends that are blindly supportive, no matter what. My ride and die crew who I love so much.
  • This week I dyed my husband’s hair grey and it looks so good, I could just die. 😍
  • Avocado bagels, with nooch and hymalean sea salt. 
  • I walked a 5k, which isn’t that impressive, but it was fun and it was beautiful. 
  • Discovering Macy’s takes PayPal, IN STORE. Hello new sunglasses!
  • The sun is finally shining! It’s starting to warm up, so no more socks at night!
  • Flonase and Allegra, hay fever bye-bye. 
  • A fully cleaned room! Deep cleaning sucks, but the results are so amazing. Nothing like the smell of clean sheets.

What are you grateful for this week?


2 thoughts on “VERY GOOD THINGS”

  1. I am soo grateful for my health, even though right now, I am so sick, I was feeling so super awesome, and then, I think, I got a virus from my son…. shit! but for the most part, I feel incredible every single day, work or weekends, I walk with a spring to my step and feel happy, even though I am going thru some family issues. I have a great job, run my own business, have a great roof over my head and my family, can eat amazing vegan food!! have a dog and cat! have a car in which I bomb around to and from work….. I have everything!! Thanks for your post GirlGoblin!!

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