April Shopping Crushes

No I didn’t purchase these item, instead they are saved in a lovely bookmark folder for “to buy later”. I consider myself pretty frugal as a person. My husband would likely disagree, but honestly if he even realized half the stuff I save as a “for later” buy, he would change his tune. I’m overwhelming obsessed with lapel pin collecting, so there’s going to be more than one, here and future. Sorry if you hate lapel pins! Here are some of my favorite saves for the month.

These ramen bowls are honestly just too much. They’re on my list but I’ll probably never get them. Not because they aren’t amazing in every way, but I don’t really eat ramen enough to justify these bowls. So cute though!

I am obsessed with this brand. Everything about them is fantastic. Not only do they somehow capture a grungy, slasher flick in all their clothing, but they send stickers. I’ll be honest, I’m anyone’s for a good sticker. My only “complaint”, which it’s not a real one (it’s both what I love and hate about the brand) is that because they’re all unique prints, if someone snags a shirt before me, it’s gone forever. Like this shirt for example is already gone. Heartbreak forever.

Sugar and Bones has quickly become one of my favorite lapel companies. I found them because I basically wanted a sleepy or sleeping Usagi pin, and found them in my searches. They sell so many cute Sailor Moon products, I could literally do an entire post just about them, but I will refrain. Because they are an independent company, their stock is low, and sell out quickly. Luckily from what I have seen they restock pretty quickly, all things considered.

RevisionsDesign Etsy

My favorite part of this giant Kewpie Dolls, is that it has teeny tiny baby wings on it’s back. You just can’t top that.

Glacier Pendleton Wool Blanket

I have a love/hate relationship with the Pendleton wool blankets. They are so durable, so cute, so heavy duty… unless you have cats. The washable wool is so thick and nice, but it just absorbs every cat hair ever. As it is we wear the cat hair like lonely girl glitter, it doesn’t need to get any worse.



5 thoughts on “April Shopping Crushes”

  1. My husband collects lapel pins and blazers to wear them on. What I need is a really great display piece for them! I love everything on this list!

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