This time last year, we packed up our beautiful life in San Francisco, naively believing that we’d be moving to England (my husband’s home country) shortly after. We moved in with my parents, as a sort of temporary stopping point. Problem is a year later,we are still here. I think parts of both of us thought it would be this easy process, first world country, to first word country. Well it has not been. It’s actually be a sort of disaster, that’s lead to a real slump of both of our moods.

The view from our apartment the day we moved.
Living with my parents has been, both great and horrendously bad. My mother and my relationship is, tumultuous to say the least. She of course still sees me as her baby girl, and I have to quietly scream to myself, I am nearly thirty, back off. Not to mention, I don’t really know how to talk to her, I’m a blunt person, she’s overly defensive… it makes for a less than ideal combination. My dad however and I get along great. Which causes even more issues, because somehow that’s makes it some contest my mother isn’t winning, and no one but her is participating in.

Aside from the family portion of living here, our entire life is either packed away in storage, or in a suitcase. I went from having a full walk in closet worth of clothes to literally wearing leggings and oversized hoodies for a year straight. It has essentially killed my self-value. I know that’s pretty vain to say, but I think it would be wrong to decline the truth in that. I just want a vanity and my clothes again! *insert cry face emoji*

IMG_3267 1.JPG
Tully Lake Fire Outlook
The pros of living here however, are without a doubt, the scenery. We are temporarily staying right on the border of California and Oregon, in the heart of the Marble Mountains. I went from inner city, to the actual woods in the blink of an eye. A MASSIVE lifestyle adjustment and culture shock to say the least. I had these super typical ideas of what country folks were like (some of which has held up to be true), but a lot of it has still remained a mystery. We are so secluded from other people, I don’t really know anyone here and we’ve been here a year!


You can’t run to the shop across the street to get toilet paper at 2am here. You can’t actually walk anywhere to get anything here, it’s just so spread out. But the places you can walk to, are quite simply breath-taking.

It’s so… woodsy, and fresh, we’ve actually picked up foraging for mushrooms when the weather permits it. I never really saw myself as someone who would eat mushrooms I just randomly food in the forest. Which to be fair, isn’t actually random at all, there’s a lot of prep and research that goes into it so we don’t die.

crater pano.jpg
Photo by my Dad
Would I like to be moved now? Yes. Do I think we are coming to the end of this journey here? Yes. But can I really complain about all this nature, not at all. It’s breath-taking, it’s challenging, it’s been a unfortgetable chapter. Let’s just hope this is coming to its end and we can finally move onto our next chapter.



9 thoughts on “Limbo”

  1. Hang in there! I’ve learned over the years that patience is a virtue. I know!
    I hear you about the mother-daughter relationship. I am trying to give my daughter her space, she is 20 and I love her to bits! Mothers love their babies forever, even if they are older! Good Luck to you my dear!

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  2. Good luck (from a grandmother!) getting moved from my favorite city to one of my second-favorite cities on the planet. That’s surely beautiful planet where you are in the interim, but I know how tough limbos can be.

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